Case Studies

  1. Whiteboards: Your Secret Weapon for Kaizen Processes and LEAN Initiatives

    Whiteboards: Your Secret Weapon for Kaizen Processes and LEAN Initiatives

    Regardless of industry, efforts to reduce waste, enhance safety, and improve processes are vital to staying competitive in today’s marketplace. For this reason, forward-thinking corporations across the US have implemented continuous improvement processes, sometimes known as LEAN Management Systems.

    If you’re not familiar, a LEAN Management System (also often referred to as an LMS) is an initiative to improve quality, cost, speed, people, and safety by engaging everyone in systematic problem-solving. The system helps an organization to identify issues so everyone in the organization can understand the “why” and in turn help improve the way business is done. LEAN creates transparency, supports communication throughout all levels of the organization, and involves team members by focusing on organization goals, aligning actions with business results, and establishing accountability.

    You may have also heard of the term Kaizen. This refers to continuous improve

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  2. Luxor Case Study: Ed Farm

    Luxor Case Study: Ed Farm


    Launched in early 2020 to serve communities in Birmingham, Ed Farm is “…the signature program of TechAlabama, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage, inspire, and ignite children and adults to discover and explore technology, learn to code, and pursue STEM careers.”

    Carrying out its mission to “…equip educators in schools and communities with innovative tools and strategies that support active learning for all students,” Ed Farm currently offers three programs. These include:

    • “Pathways,” which is a free course for adult learners that teaches Apple’s “Swift” programming language as well as employability skills.
    • A student fellows program that empowers middle and high-school students to, through participation in year-long, challenge-based learning experiences, actively solve real-world problems in their community.
    • A teacher fellows program that identifies teachers in the community who are pas
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