1. Homeschooling Tips and Tricks

    Homeschooling Tips and Tricks

    As a busy professional, it can often be difficult to make an abrupt transition to working from home without sacrificing productivity, communication, and focus.

    Add in the challenge of homeschooling one or more children and you’re suddenly faced with a seemingly insurmountable task. We won’t claim there’s a “silver bullet” to make things easy. But we’re happy to say that there is a wealth of resources, tips, and insights available to make homeschooling your children - while also working remotely - more manageable.

    In other words, with a little bit of research, a plan, and a positive attitude, you can help ensure that your children keep learning at a high level.

    How to Homeschool Your Child while Working Remotely

    1. Leverage Online Resources

    In times like these, the Internet is good for more than just c

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  2. Luxor Introduces Innovative Products to Foster Active Learning Environments

    Luxor Introduces Innovative Products to Foster Active Learning Environments

    Gone are the days when the word “classroom” meant neat rows of desks facing a chalkboard.

    In stark contrast, the modern classroom is a dynamic, engaging environment that promotes hands-on learning, collaborative problem solving, group-based projects, and independent study.

    Unfortunately, efforts to empower students to become active learners can be greatly inhibited by traditional classroom furniture and static floorplans. For maximum scholastic performance, teachers need flexible furniture options that enable them to quickly and easily reconfigure a teaching space; allowing students to be mobile and shift from task to task, working individually or as a team.

    In addition, according to the experts, a noisy, disruptive school room can also undermine the effectiveness of the curriculum. 

    To address these issues, progressive school districts are implementing non-traditional clas

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