Luxor Introduces Innovative Products to Foster Active Learning Environments

Gone are the days when the word “classroom” meant neat rows of desks facing a chalkboard.

In stark contrast, the modern classroom is a dynamic, engaging environment that promotes hands-on learning, collaborative problem solving, group-based projects, and independent study.

Unfortunately, efforts to empower students to become active learners can be greatly inhibited by traditional classroom furniture and static floorplans. For maximum scholastic performance, teachers need flexible furniture options that enable them to quickly and easily reconfigure a teaching space; allowing students to be mobile and shift from task to task, working individually or as a team.

In addition, according to the experts, a noisy, disruptive school room can also undermine the effectiveness of the curriculum. 

To address these issues, progressive school districts are implementing non-traditional classroom environments and reaping rewards in terms of student engagement and focus.

In response to these trends, forward-thinking companies are creating innovative furniture solutions that meet the evolving demands of educational institutions.

One such company is Luxor, an Illinois-based furniture business known as an industry leader in developing furniture and accessories that foster more collaborative, functional, and productive work environments.

Leveraging know-how gleaned from decades of success in the education industry, the “Luxor Classroom” provides educators from K-12 through college with the solutions they need to enhance active learning. These include a smart collection of sit/stand student desks, charging and storage lockers for electronic devices, magnetic whiteboards, and updated versions of the classic AV cart. 

A new addition to the Luxor Classroom is Luxor’s RECLAIM™ line of “sight + sound-dampening privacy panels.” These modular acoustic panels deliver a simpler, more affordable solution for reconfiguring rooms, as well as reducing noise and minimizing visual distractions.

“As we’ve learned in the business space, privacy and freedom from distractions can dramatically impact productivity,” said Luxor President Paul Roche. “Applying these principles to education, we set out to design a flexible, affordable product that provides an easy way to create privacy when students need it, and neatly tucks away when it’s not required.”

Roche explained that the RECLAIM line encompasses two product types: acoustic room dividers and desktop privacy panels. Both are constructed from lightweight, opaque materials that absorb up to 85% of ambient noise. The panels, available in five fabric colors and made from 100% recycled PET, are designed to be easily moved and reconfigured.

Features of the room dividers include zippered connections which enable the teacher to create, for example, a barrier between two desks using a single panel, or link an unlimited number of panels together to separate an entire classroom. Since the connections are flexible, the panels can wrap around a cluster of desks, a table, to create temporary learning spaces.

The desk dividers include back and side-mount panels that are easily installed on most adjustable height desks, as well as many traditional-style desks. Both desk dividers can be installed to block the view above a desk (known as a privacy panel), block the view below a desk (known as a modesty panel), or a combination of both.

Roche explained that creative use of these opaque, movable, sound absorbing panels offer practically unlimited ways to create quiet, private, productive learning spaces, as well as separation between areas of a classroom.

“We’re aware that school districts are very budget conscious,” Roche said. “Installing movable walls would not only be cost prohibitive but a waste of valuable resources in our opinion,” Roche said. “The RECLAIM line provides a truly effective means to create a versatile learning environment without placing unnecessary stress on a budget. Our goal is to make the modern classroom more affordable.”

Visit Luxor's education page for more information on Luxor's school furniture solutions which include student desks, desk dividers, room dividers, school chairs, charging carts, and more.