Reclaim the Open Office

70% of all employees in open work areas report that the biggest impact on their productivity is the conversations of their coworkers.
– ADI Workplace Acoustic Survey

Rethinking the Open Office

It’s been almost 20 years since the advent of the open office and today more than 70% of all U.S. businesses have open floor plans. Employers embraced this trend as they found that when the walls came down employees began to communicate and collaborate more effectively, not to mention the economic advantages realized by freeing up valuable real estate.

Today, companies realize the benefits associated with open offices have unintended consequences; namely a lack of privacy, noise disruptions, and visual distractions that lead to lower productivity and ultimately to employee dissatisfaction. The good news is there’s a solution that returns sight and sound privacy to the workplace without losing the collaborative culture made possible through the open office design.

Introducing RECLAIM – the simpler, more affordable solution for minimizing distractions in today’s open work environments.

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The Return to Privacy

RECLAIM Sight & Sound Dampening Panels from Luxor create quiet, private individual spaces when concentrated work is needed while offering a flexible solution for transforming open structures into productive workspaces that eliminate noise and visual distractions.


Desktop Privacy | Room Dividers


Available in a variety of sizes

Sound Absorbent

Absorbs up to 85% of ambient noise


5 Year Limited Life Warranty

Competitive Pricing

Refreshingly affordable with no lead time required


Constructed of 100% PET recycled materials

No Assembly Required

Simply add the feet or connector clamps

5 Color Options

Reclaim Your Privacy

RECLAIM Desktop Privacy Panels are available in 48” & 60” lengths and easily attach to most standing desks or fixed height workstations. Each panel includes three pre-drilled mounting holes so each employee can select their preferred level of privacy, or modesty, by installing the panel above or below the desk. Add the 24” side panels for additional privacy or use them with benching office systems to create quiet, individual spaces for concentrated work. RECLAIM desktop panels absorb 85% of ambient noise and are available in five colors that will complement any office interior. Constructed from 100% recycled PET (Core: 60% post-consumer; Fabric: 100% post-consumer), these eco-friendly desktop panels are tackable and can accommodate most desk accessories and cord management hardware.

Reclaim Your Space

RECLAIM Acoustic Room Dividers are designed to divide larger areas into quiet, more functional spaces. These lightweight, portable floor dividers are available as a 24” wide, 66” tall standalone unit or a 72” x 66” 3-pack that can be expanded with individual panels that easily zip together to configure customized workspaces in a variety of shapes and styles.

With a noise reduction coefficient of 0.85, RECLAIM room dividers are available in five peaceful colors that can be mixed and matched for any room decor. Constructed from 100% recycled PET materials, these sight and sound dampening panels are environmentally friendly and do not require any tools for set up.

RECLAIM Privacy Panels and Room Dividers are available in 5 fabric colors and are made from 100% recycled PET. Our fabric is 100% post-consumer and the core is 60% post-consumer.

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Desert Sand
Misty Gray
Pacific Blue
Starlight Blue
Slate Gray

Reclaim Workplace Satisfaction

RECLAIM Sight & Sound Dampening Privacy Panels are easy to customize and configure to your work environment. Whether you’re looking to define personal spaces or establish areas for creative collaboration, RECLAIM acoustic panels will eliminate distractions and reshape open offices into functional workspaces where employees are more focused, productive, and happy.

RECLAIM the Open Office

At Luxor, we pride ourselves on delivering value by manufacturing innovative workspace product solutions that are functionally sound and value priced. Our RECLAIM product line offers a high-quality acoustic solution at a fraction of what custom-built alternatives charge. We stock an abundance of RECLAIM panels so that orders can be fulfilled quickly. Most orders placed by 2pm CT will be shipped same day. When it comes to customer service, we’re proud of our reputation for being one of the best in the business.

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