No Outlet. No Cord. No Problem.

Luxor’s Battery-Powered Charging Solution for Mobile Devices Frees You from Outlets, Extension Cords, and Power Strips.

EdgePower Products

Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit

  • 18W USB-C PD Port
  • 12W USB-A Port
  • 100W AC Outlet
  • Easily clamps onto common desk and tabletop surfaces

Rechargeable Battery

  • 146.52 Wh
  • Indicator lights for charge level
  • Charging status button
  • Easily swappable

Single Battery Charger

  • Convenient charging of one EdgePower battery
  • 2-hour charging
  • Compact, minimalist design

3-Bay Base Charging Station

  • Simultaneously charges up to 3 EdgePower batteries
  • 2-hour charging
  • Stackable, expandable design

9-Bay Base Charging Station

  • Simultaneously charges up to 9 EdgePower batteries
  • 2-hour charging

Power You Need for the Devices They Use

Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, corporate events manager, or business professional, you face the problem of too many power-hungry devices and not enough available outlets. Up until now, you were forced to either create a trip hazard by running unsightly extension cords and power strips, or invest in costly infrastructure.

The KwikBoost EdgePower – an innovative new battery-powered charging station that easily clamps onto the edges of desks and tables - makes this problem a thing of the past by providing a neat, clean, 100% cord-free way to charge the devices we use every day.

The Power You Need for the Devices They Use.

The KwikBoost EdgePower desktop power hub system is designed to deliver convenient, easily-accessible power to practically any desk or tabletop surface, regardless of proximity to an electrical outlet. Just as important, this premium-quality rechargeable portable power station has the capacity to provide multiple, full recharges to high-draw devices like laptops and Chromebooks, enabling hours of uninterrupted use.

Up to 14 charges

Up to 4 charges

Up to 2 charges

Up to 4 charges


For fast charging of compatible devices

USB-A Port

Ideal for phones, cameras, and more

AC Outlet

For laptops and other higher-power devices

Device Protection

9 stages to help keep electronics safe

146.52 Wh Battery

Full charges in only 2 hours

Clamp-On Design

Securely fastens onto most desks and tables

Kensington Slot

Helps keep 3-Bay and 9-Bay Base Charging Stations secure


Thanks to its included AC, USB-A, and USB-C PD connections, KwikBoost EdgePower will work with practically any modern portable device.

Smart Phones


Action Cameras



STEM/Makerspace Devices

Expandable and Scalable

KwikBoost EdgePower’s 3-Bay Base Charging Station is designed to be stacked. In addition, you can purchase any EdgePower component individually or in any combination to perfectly suit the evolving needs of your business or educational institution.

Free Your Workspace from Cord Clutter

At Luxor, we pride ourselves on delivering value by manufacturing innovative workspace product solutions that are functionally sound and attractively priced. Our KwikBoost PowerEdge desktop charging station product line offers a high-quality cordless power solution that solves common pain points with traditional power options. We stock an abundance of EdgePower components so that orders can be fulfilled quickly. Most orders placed by 2 pm CT will be shipped the same day. When it comes to customer service, we’re proud of our reputation for being one of the best in the business.